Lesson 20

Tips on Witnessing to New Agers

The New Age—or Conscious Living—Movement is not a tightly knit movement. Rather, it is a term we use to describe a diffuse group of Eastern religious ideas as they have been filtered through Western culture in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century. Few people would label themselves New Agers, and most of those who adopt one New Age viewpoint may not accept another. Thus, when we deal with the New Age, we are not always dealing with a tight religious system. We can never assume we know what a New Ager believes—we need to spend lots of time talking with people to understand exactly where they are spiritually. In the 1960s, we heard about the Age of Aquarius, usually voiced in between heroin trips. Today the New Age is much more diverse—and much more commercialized.

1. Some Common New Age Beliefs

Douglas Groothuis summarizes some common New Age perspectives in Confronting the New Age (InterVarsity, 1988). Among them...

What we see—the illusion of diversity and distinction


    TREE                      YOU                       FROG                  ROCK                     COW

What we don’t see—All is really one. You are the cow are the rock.

All is one... ‘Monism’ or Oneness.


2. Some Questions for those involved in the New Age