Marketing God for Postmoderns
Postmoderns are trained consumers and see talk of God as someone selling another product or pushing another agenda. Focus on God's supremacy, not just what he can do for us. 
Why God is Selfish (theology slays barbie religion)

     c  e  n  t  e  r     f  o  r     c  h  r  i  s  t  i  a  n     s  t  u  d  y     (  s  a  i  n  t     l  o  u  i  s  )
     a   t h i n k   t a n k   f o r   t h e   r e n e w a l   o f   p o s t m o d e r n   c u l t u r e
Programs & Staffing for Postmoderns
Postmoderns long for authentic community. They don't share Builder-era values of institutionalism, programming and volunteerism. Churches that remain structured around these values will not reach or recruit younger generations. Authenticity, community and relationships must drive ministries.
Reaching the Elusive Urban Young Adult
(postmodern longing for community)

Salad Bar Christianity
(Community, Consumerism & Church Commitment)

t h o u g h t s   o n   p o s t m o d e r n   m i n i s t r y
J A Holtz-Diretor
Christian Study Center of St. Louis
Christian Education for Postmoderns
Postmoderns interpret the world through mental categories supplied by their culture. Focus on biblical category formation, not just information.
Christianity Tomorrow
(evangelism won't be enough)

Worship for Postmoderns
Postmoderns long for an authentic experience of the transcendent. Yet they often see Boomer-style 1980s "Contemporary worship" (rightly or wrongly) as shallow and manipulative. The fastest-growing worship style among Gen-Xers is liturgical. 
Reaching Postmoderns through Ancient Worship
(generation X's turn to liturgy)

Q&A about Postmodern Worship:
Contemporary Music & Ancient Liturgy

Attitude to Reach Postmoderns
Postmoderns view Christians as judgmental. Focus on our commonality as sinners in need of grace. We don't identify with the righteous but sinners, whom God calls.
Curse those Filthy-Wicked Magi
(the broken heart of postmodern ministry)

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